About Us

Erdsterne Technologies and Consultancy Services.

Promising EQ - Erdsterne Quality - Beyond Perfection

Erdsterne Technologies and Consultancy Services is committed to provide fully digitalized solution to the business problem delivering quality, innovation & speed. We utilize technology to bring results to grow our clients businesses. We pride ourselves in great work ethic, integrity and end-results.

Even in 21st century, technology cost higher that makes the common business reluctant to embrace it. Such businesses lack the flexibility to cope up with the persuasive needs of their customers. We are Architects, Thinkers and Developers building customized solutions to support such needs of our clients. Our pathfinders in Erdsterne derive the critical path based on our unique business parameters that enables our development pipeline to quick release of such solutions.

We are following a business driven paradigm based on the business-data-model carved by our business architects, which focuses industry based consultative approach that helps clients to digitally envision, build, run and explore the business more efficiently.

We are driven by a passion to make innovative ideas which help our clients build stronger, robust, agile and more innovative businesses.